Want to Buy an Electric Bike But Not Sure Where To Get Started?

Choosing the right Electric Bike for your needs can be tricky, as there are many different specifics that you might want to consider before purchasing.

With many different models on the market right now, that suit different buyers it may be overwhelming to find the right one you which fits within your budget.

Here at, our team has years of experience in Electric Bikes, and we provide our insights in reviews, comparisons and buying guides to help choose the perfect model for you which can be enjoyed for many years to come!

What to Consider When Buying an Electric Bike

Before you jump in and buy an electric bike, it is very important to consider a few main things and understand the different types of electric bikes on the market today.

What Are You Using Your Electric Bike For?

There are many different models of electric bikes that are able to serve different purposes depending on what you are planning on using the e-bike for. If you are looking for a sleek ride to travel along urban paths or roads, then likely a commuter electric bike is your best option. 

Looking for an electric bike that is easily stowed away in small spaces? A folding electric bike is your pick.
Electric mountain bikes or Fat tire electric bikes are perfect for those looking to ride in rugged terrains. With high suspension systems and large volume tires, these e-bikes are able to absorb impact very well.