Our Picks for the best Electric Bikes Under $1000

E-bikes often can range well into the $1000’s, but we believe that some of the best electric bikes come in under the $1000 mark.

Why Purchase an E-Bike?

Electric Bikes are excellent alternatives to cars, public transport, walking and conventional bikes. Whilst similar in prices to regular bicycles, electric bikes allow faster transportation and ease of travel. They are great for the environment as well as providing the fun in your trip!

Whilst around the $1000 mark may still seem expensive, these electric bikes are a great investment! The purchase cost effectively pays for itself! These electric bikes have cheap maintenance costs as well as saving huge amounts of money in the long term due to reduced fuel costs. As said in the name, the only thing electric bikes require to function is electricity to recharge the battery! 

Here we complied a comprehensive list of some of the best electric bikes under $1000!

At eBikePeople we are passionate in providing our readers with the latest recommendations on the best value electric bikes.

1. Tomasar Electric Power Bike

The Tomasar Electric Power Bike comes equipped with a powerful lithium ion battery that allows you to ride between 25-50 kilometers per single charge. 

Equipped with a 36V 8AH battery, the battery is removable and is able to be recharged both on or off the frame. This is done through the Easy Charge Port System.

The Bike is made with high quality materials using a complete alloy aluminium frame. The comfortable shock absorption materials to make for a more enjoyable ride. 

Complete with a 7 speed system, the Tomansar Electric Bike can travel wth speeds up to 15 mph.

Finished with the most effective safety features, the electric bike contains premium quality front and rear brake. Night riding is made easy using the bright LED headlight!

The Tomansar Electric Power Bike, has 2 modes of electric riding. The rider is able to choose the E-bike setting to enjoy electric riding with no pedalling required and the pedal-assisted mode which allows patrons to pedal whilst the electric feature provides a boosted ride!

2. Benlet Folding Compact Electric Bike

This perfect urban city bike is suitable for kids, teens and adults alike, through the adjustable seat height which allows adjustments from 27.3 to 44.1 inches.

Featuring the state-of-the-art 100% aluminium alloy body, this bike has a collapsible frame for easy fold away and storage. The lightweight frame allows for easy carrying too.

This electric bike performs extraordinarily through the 250W gear motors allowing speeds of up to 25 mph. The 7 speed transmissions provides better performance than many other e-bikes!   

A 2 function mode allows for riding without peddling as well as the pedal assisted feature.

The electric bike features a removable, high capacity lithium battery that can last for 25-50 kilometres.

This outstanding electric bike, is complete with bright LED headlights allow for the safest night riding!

3. NAKTO Electric Bicycle

This electric bike uses a high quality carbon steel frame for ultimate shock absorption, at an extremely affordable price!

The NAKTO bike possess both front and rear brakes, as well as a horn and headlight for the safest night riding. 

With a 6 speed transmission system as well as a duel riding mode with both E-Bike and assisted pedal for both times when you want to pedal or not! 

With a long life removable battery, you are able to travel 22-28 miles on a single charge using the E-bike setting or 28-35 miles using the pedal assistant setting.

Complete with a front basket, this bike comes in the Camel Female White colour – the perfect electric bike for women! Click here for Our Top Womens Electric Bikes

4. Speedrid Electric Mountain Bike 

This electric bike is superb for mountain biking and comes in at well below $1000!

A top of the range bike, at an excellent price this mountain bike is perfect for males.

The high speed motor, allows for navigations in rough terrains equipped with shock absorption and a high quality aluminium alloy frame.

Yet again this bike has 2 working modes, the E-bike mode or the pedal assisted setting for when you want to combine with exercise! 

A removable lithium battery makes for the easiest charging.

The safest ride is ensured with fully functional disc brakes, as well as a horn and headlights. 

5. ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

This highly rated, electric mountain bike has it all!

Optimal riding is guaranteed with a sleek aluminium alloy frame which makes this electric mountain bike both lightweight yet durable and strong. 

With a SHIMANO 21 speed gear, this bike adapts to the most rugged terrains! Conquering hills and withstanding great ranges this is the ultimate electric mountain bike.

2 modes allow for both E-bike and assisted pedal functions combined with a LED 3 speed smart meter to chose the speed for your needs! 

This bike possesses a removable lithium ion battery which can be charged both on and off the bike.

This battery can last between 15-30 miles on a single charge perfect to last a full day’s adventure.

Powerful front and rear disc brakes allow for stopping in all weather conditions and LED headlight and horn are perfect for low visibility and night riding.

In Summary

These electric bikes may have a moderate associated purchase cost, but pay immense dividends! E-bikes have faster commutes, reduced fuel costs as well as a more enjoyable ride! You are able to chose between the e-bike no- pedal setting or combine peddling with the electric assist. These bikes are all extremely high quality, top-of-the-range bikes all below $1000!