NAKTO Cruiser-26 – The Choice of All Electric Mountain Bike Riders

NAKTO Cruiser-26 motorized-bike is our favorite electric mountain bike. It’s a fat-tire mountain bike which is sturdy, classy and affordable. For people who like cycle treks, or even cycling on off-roads in general, these electric mountain bikes are perfect. 

The NAKTO Cruiser-26 electric-bike helps you with amplifying your pedaling power and pushes you further to extend your cycling abilities. Not only does it push you to achieve greater strength, it comes with great features.

Let’s look at some of the amazing features which this best electric mountain bike has to offer.

Features Of NAKTO Cruiser-26

The NAKTO Cruiser-26 comes with extensive features. It’s complete with a fat tire, amazing battery life and extensive gear system help you achieve new climbing heights.

Frame And Material

The NAKTO Cruiser-26 is made up of an aluminium alloy hub and iron frame. The frame is light yet sturdy and strong. It is easy to assemble as it comes in a 95% preassembled state. Its high-strength carbon steel and superior car paint make it highly durable. The battery is built-in the frame itself.

Mode Of Riding

Apart from using its motor, you can ride this bike both manually as well. It comes with a selectable pedal assist. If you want, you can choose to twist the variable speed throttle given which will give you hours of enjoyment. You can go with the full-throttle mode too if you wish to skip pedalling and just enjoy the ride.

Braking System

This is the best electric mountain bike for a reason. It comes designed with a mechanical front and rear disc-brake. The high-expansion rear brakes come with high-strength aluminium alloy brake lever. This ensures an effective brake system in case of emergency situations. 

Also, the bike doesn’t immediately come to a halt as soon as you hit the brakes. It has a throttle to adjust the speed and 6 levels pedal assist to ensure there is no abrupt halt.

Gear System

It has a 250W-300W brushless gear motor which allows a maximum speed of 20mph. This will help cover a distance of 20-25 miles with a full single charge. However, its dual riding feature allows you to go manually if the battery is down.

It is enabled with Shimano 6 speeds gears with a professional transmission system, which comes with 6 speed thumb-shifter with an amazing speed gear set to ensure swifter motions. The high-end force auxiliary system ensures better control. This makes the NAKTO Cruiser-26 a perfect bike for adults for mountain climbing.


It has a large capacity, 36V10AH lithium battery which is waterproof and long lasting. The battery weighs approximately 40-50lbs. The battery life is really good giving you hours of non-stop cycling. It complements well with its gear system to push you through 20-25 miles of mountain rides and approximately 35-40 miles of on-road cycling. 

It takes 4-6 hours to charge. If you charge it overnight, there won’t be any issues with overcharging. The battery comes in a sealed removable pack with a unique battery key so that no one but you can remove the battery whenever necessary.

The lithium ion battery has an easy to charge, an accessible port system which makes it very convenient to recharge when you want. The charger is also small, compact and hardly weighs anything.

The battery of this best electric mountain bike comes with a PAS function. The PAS function allows the cycle to save up to 90% of energy during cycling. You can turn off the battery whenever you don’t need it, this way you can only use it when you need the boost.

Special Features

This best electric mountain bike comes with a 300W brushless motor, making every road accessible. It is perfect for an on-road, X-road, or even an off-road ride. This bike easily takes over the beach too. Not just the roads, but it is a perfect bike for all weather conditions!

The NAKTO Cruiser-26 comes with a quick release saddle of 25 centimeters, with an adjustable height.

It has a front and back suspension for comfortable seating.

There are also a couple of safety features included which makes this the best electric mountain bike. There is a 360 Degree, HD LED front headlight which ensures visibility and safety for your night cycling adventures.

Whether you are 5 feet tall or 7 feet, this electric mountain bike is perfect for you. This bike is great for both men and women alike. The Cruiser version is for the men while the camel version is for women. The Camel version comes with an additional basket.

What’s in the kit?

This E-bike comes with the following things along with it

•  One removable battery

•  One battery charger

•  One toolkit

•  The owner’s manual



The battery takes 4-6 hours to full-charge, so you’ll need to pre-plan your mountain cycling trips to ensure your battery doesn’t give-up on you.


This bike is a little heavy to manoeuvre around. It does require you to get used to it but it might be difficult for you on a slope or while you are trying to climb up. There would be more efforts required from your end.

Why NAKTO Cruiser-26?

This is the best electric mountain bike because of the design. Its low step design allows use by both women and men. Not just that, but it also optimizes comfort.

Mountain cycling has seen a huge increase in the number of people opting for the sport. Hence, the market for E-MTBs is exploding with a huge range of options to choose from depending upon your requirement. There are hefty bikes that defy gravity while some are lightweight for you to easily carry them. 

These bikes are priced different too. There are some very expensive options, while some are very affordable and cheap. But the question is, how do you choose an electric mountain bike that suits your needs? NAKTO Cruiser-26 helps you clear all your confusion as it is one of the best electric mountain bike you can choose with respect to style, cost, and maintenance.