Once developed for riding effortlessly over snow, the fat tire electric bike has come a long way! New modern upgrades in design and functionality allow it to be the ultimate all-season bike. As a regular e-bike alternative, the unique frame allows users to take advantage of the high volume of air each tire contains. It’s great versatility can easily replace your regular or mountain bike. The big tires are typically 4 inches wide and give you the flexibility to power through a wide range of challenging terrain. 

The electric assist setting lets a rider have more fun while reaping the benefits of enhanced balance and control. Below are three main reasons for investing in the new and improved fat tire electric bike.

Our Top Fat Tire Electric Bikes of 2019

1. Addmotor Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

The Addmotor Motan M560 is a great choice to give you the exhilarating e-bike ride you’re looking for. It features a powerful 750 watt Rear Hub Brushless Motor, and a hidden 48V 11.6Ah lithium battery offering 1,000 Lifetimes Battery Charges, guaranteeing a long lasting performance. 

This model is further fitted with a USB outlet to conveniently charge your electronic devices, so you can go wherever your heart desires. You can use the Addmotor Motan M560 for an adventure outside the city through difficult terrain or take it out for a relaxing ride in the summer – this bike is an all-rounder that is great for winter and summer. 

For individuals who like to ride into the unknown and find new challenges, there is a night mode that ensures better visibility in low lighting. In addition, the sturdy 26 inch fat tires allow you to glide through a diverse range of terrain, i.e. mud, steep hills, sand and snow. 

Suitable for both female and male bike riders, the huge mountain bike frame is an upgraded design that can comfortably seat adults weighing up to 300 lbs, making this a smart investment for ridders that are larger. 

  • battery lasts over 1000 charges, giving it a long lasting performance
  • Model has USB outlet fitted, to charge electronic devices
  • riding in all terrains i.e. mud, steep hills, sand and snow
  • Suitable for males and females
  • comfortable seats
  • can seat adults up to 300 lbs

    2. Twin Power Electric Bike

    Twin Power’s Electric Bike is truly one-of-a kind in terms of minimalist design with maximum performance. It also meets all US and European standards. You are bound to reap the benefits of riding a strong aluminium alloy frame. Especially if you have trouble with smaller models – this frame can support up to 280 lbs of weight! It also comes with attractive specs such as a front and rear fender to keep you clean through all weather. It is fitted with a 500 watt, 48V rear hub motor that gives you stronger power than many others on the market. The 48V 12Ah Samsung lithium battery that ensures your bike can last the journey!

    Unique features will let you maximise your riding experience. For instance, there’s an in-built pedal assistance to give you seamless comfort in long distance trips up to 40-50 miles. The full throttle extends the fun without effort, reaching speeds of up to 20mph. 

    Take advantage of the deluxe wide saddle, Slick fat tires and advanced front suspension Fork MOZO which deliver amazing comfort, ensuring a ride without any bumps. 

    • In-built pedal assistance for up to 40-59 miles
    • can support adults up to 280 lbs

      3. Nakto Fat Tire Electric Bike

      A fast and smooth e-bike ride is guaranteed with the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle. Designed by a premium green energy electric bike provider, you can feel good knowing that you are contributing to saving the environment and having fun at the same time. 

      At an unbeatably affordable pricing, this electric bike boasts a strong carbon steel frame with superior shock resistance. NAKTO believes that riding is for everyone, and this bike accommodates adults 5’6″-6’8″ in height and can carry riders weighing up to 300 lbs. You can easily adjust the bicycle seat and handlebar to find the position that is suitable for your preferences. 

      Fitted with a high powered 300W brushless motor and a battery 36V/10AH, it can reach speeds of up to 20 MPH and a distance up to 26-30 Miles. If you have any concerns, this bike comes with 1 year warranty!

      To provide the ultimate customizable experience, NAKTO offers three working modes — pure electric bicycle, auxiliary bicycle, and the bicycle mode. Based on the terrain you’re riding through, you can customize the setting, for any ride!

      • affordable price
      • can travel 26-30 miles per charge
      • accommodates adults up to 6ft 8 and up to 300 lbs

        Buying a Fat Tire Electric Bike over a Regular E-Bike

        Ride out to places you’ve never gone before

        If you are a cycling addict that thrives on cutting through all types of terrain on your bike, look no further with the fat tire electric bike.. They are specifically designed to manoeuvre through rough trails, snow laden paths or hills, muddy roads and the urban jungle. Riders don’t have to think about leaving their bike behind and hiking the rest of the way on foot with these superior models. Increased traction and customizable tire sizes make any surface accessible to explore. There is rarely any slippage on wet terrain and the tires will not be worn down by icy curbs.

        Enjoy added comfort for the long rides

        If you think the fat tire electric bike is not meant for riding on long trips, guess again! The low pressure tires are effective when it comes to absorbing shock and providing a comfortable experience. As a result of the added shock resistance and the elastic nature of the rubber, it allows versatile trail rides through the year. Based on your requirements, you can further change the tire pressure ranging anywhere between 30 psi to 7 psi to keep up with expected riding conditions.

        Affordable and convenient for charging anywhere

        The fat tire electric bike is an excellent environmentally sustainable alternative to a motor vehicle. It packs a punch when it comes to performance, compared to a standard cycle. While it is a little more expensive than an average cycle, this is a smart investment that is truly worth it. Overall, this e-bike variety is an economical choice. It suits the budget range of most income groups. Maintenance costs are minimal, and it allows the rider the option of charging from any standard electrical outlet. On average, a full electric battery charge for covering a distance of around 30 to 50 miles will only be 10 cents. 

        Why You Need a Fat Tire Electric Bike!

        • The range of adaptability of this e-bike design is all that you can hope for in a cycle. Whether taking a leisurely ride or riding in remote mountain biking trips, this bike can keep up with whatever you throw at it!
        • This bike does it all! Instead of investing in multiple bikes , the fat tire e-bike is great for all activities!
        • Because of its heavier build, it is a great way to get in shape and increase your cardiovascular health. The extra weight means a more challenging workout every time you ride without the electric mode.

        In Conclusion

        To conclude, the fat tire e-bike has given the cycling industry a serious upgrade. It promotes an innovative viable design that blends energy efficiency with creativity for maximum performance. Besides the advantages associated with its technical features, fat tire bikes are trending because of their attractive styles! It is sure to grab attention on the street making it a fashion statement as well. The biking experience will never be the same with these powerful ‘go anywhere’ models. Finally it lets the rider take on new challenges and explore the extent of electric bikes on the road. Who knows, once you ride a fat tire electric bike you may never go back to a regular one!