Tired of your bike but cannot replace it? Today, a regular bike can quickly become an electric bike with the change of a wheel! All you need is an Electric Bike Conversion Kit. 

Electric Bike users know that regular bikes cannot go beyond a certain speed. On the other hand, riding an electric bike is another level experience altogether. Considered ‘smart travel’ because of the ease of riding as well as the sheer speed it provides, electric bikes can make any commute or journey incredibly easy!

However if you ask any bike owner, you will know how difficult it is to part with your bike. The sentimental value and attachment are often too much. Electric bicycle conversion kits give you the option of swapping the old wheel to make your regular bike into an electric one. The conversion kit is an electric bike wheel that is quite easy to install; in most cases, you just need to attach the battery and the controller to the base of your old bike, and swap the old wheel, to the new one.

With so many conversion kits available in the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one you should buy. Here is our guide to choosing which electric bike conversion kit is right for your budget and specifications!