Looking to buy an adults electric bike but unsure of which model is the right one for you? With thousands of models available on the market, choosing the right electric bikes for adults can be testing. Stress no more! We have chosen our top e-bikes here to assist you in your buying.

Here are our Top 5 Electric Bikes for Adults

Rattan Electric Bike

If you enjoy riding or intend to ride your e-Bike on a hilly or mountainous track, than this e-bike is for you. It is equipped with features to take on both hilly routes as well as city roads. 

The Rattan Aluminium Electric Mountain Bike isn’t just a cool bike to ride, it also has a higher top speed than a conventional cycle, so it gets you there faster than others by just pedalling. It requires little or no effort to use this bike. Just twist the throttle and steer the bike in the direction you want to take.


  • Three modes of riding—E-Bike, Power-Assisted Mode & Bike, offering a maximum of 80 miles per ride. 
  • It is equipped with a Shimano 7-Speed classic transmission system that enhances hill-climbing ability, range variation and adaptability to greater terrain. 
  • It has a 100% aluminium alloy frame; made with hydroforming technology that makes the bike lightweight, yet strong and durable. 
  • It uses 350W high speed brushless gear motor and removable 36V Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • Its anti-slip wear mountain tyres have shock-absorbing capacity and enhance stability.

The delivery of this bike is as fast as its speed. So, why not switch over to an eco-friendly way of life by using this amazing e-bike?

  • can travel up to 50 miles
  • great for thin snow and sandy terrains
  • lightweight bike

    Hurbo Folding Electric Bike

    Another great electric bike choice for adults, this perhaps the one for you if you are looking for an electric bike that you can ride and then fold away after use!

    The folding feature makes it an attractive option if you have limited storage space! The lightweight, collapsible frame makes folding quick and easy so no need to worry about long and tricky assembly.

    This electric bike can reach speeds of up to 15mph and fully charged can last up to 25 miles of non stop electric riding mode.

    Interested in learning more about folding electric bikes? Check out our Folding Electric Bikes Buying Guide Here


    • Its 7-speed Shimano professional transmission system and 250W high speed brushless gear motors provide the rider a maximum of
    • It works in three modes: E-bike, Assisted bicycle and regular pedal. The rider can choose the required mode for long-distance travel and switch back to normal biking when desired. 
    • Night riding is possible with the bright LED headlamp and loud horn.
    • It comes with a lightweight, collapsible aluminium alloy frame, enabling quick and easy folding and storage in minimal space. 
    • easily folded for storage
    • LED headlight for nighttime riding

      Breeze Electric Bike

      The Breeze electric bike is loaded with excellent features that make it a superb choice. It can be used on all kinds of terrain and offers four riding options. 

      This bike is economical since it can be used on gravel, in the rain, dirt and sand, or on the beach and in the snow. It can become one of the best mode of transport for you right through the year. F 

      The battery has a USB charging port, so you can charge your small devices while riding your bike.


      • It can be used on a variety of terrains through the year, including snow and ice. 
      • Its speed settings range from 11 kmph to 40 kmph. 
      • It is made of Samsung Lithium-Ion technology and with the best quality components. 
      • Four riding options—traditional pedalling bike, pedal Assist Mode, Twist Throttle for enhanced speed and a combination of these three to climb large hills.
      • It works with 7-speed Shimano gears. And 500W high-speed brushless gear motor that offers a speed of a maximum of 45 kmph.

      With so much going for you in one e-bike, why not get the most out of it by cutting through city traffic as much as gliding on the hills with this bike?

      Xin SiLu 12″ 350W Folding Electric Bike

      A high-performance e-bike, the Xin Silu 12” 350W Folding Electric Bike packs a punch at 350W of high power brushless motor for enhanced gradeability. It also gives a maximum speed of 20km/hour and riding mileage of up to 25km per hour.

      • You can choose from three cycling modes. 
      • It makes night travel safe for you with its headlights and display.
      • It can be folded and stored easily.   


      • It comes equipped with three cycling modes—E-bike, Assisted bicycle and Non-electric bicycle. While the electric bike mode can help you relax, the non-electric bike mode can be used as a workout bicycle.
      • It offers a powerful performance with its 350W brushless motor, 36V 5.2 AH removable lithium battery and riding speed of 20kmph and riding mileage of up to 25kmph.
      • It weighs just 57 kg and is so lightweight that it can be easily folded and stored, even in the trunk of a car.
      • Its security features include an intelligent remote control button, inbuilt alarm, security anti-theft and remote control distance for a maximum of 10m.
      • It is designed to have a separate USB interface so you can charge your phone as you travel. 

      This bike is packed with so many amazing security features that you can ride it anywhere and anytime and you’ll always be safe. The fact that it can be folded and stored makes it space-saving, so even if you live in a small apartment, it will not be a hassle to store it. So, head over to the store and buy it now.

      CIVI BIKES Vintage Electric Bike

      This bike stands out because of its vintage style design, endearing it to anyone looking for a combination of class and modern technology. It runs at a maximum speed of 45 kmph and is equipped with Tektro brakes that take care of you. 

      Why the customer needs it:

      It is lightweight, so there’s no strain on the user’s body to pedal it.

      He has a choice of three pedalling modes, thus enabling him to enjoy using this bike.


      • The Civibikes Cheetah electric bicycle’s overall sleek vintage design makes it resemble a 1970s’ café racer bike. 
      • Its vintage look extends to the design of the headlight which comes with an exclusive switch, the low and high beam function and daylight indicator function.
      • It has three riding mode choices—Eco, Normal and Sport and 5-level PSA and throttle level choices.
      • Its frame is made of 100% durable aluminium alloy, which too, has the retro look of a café racer bike. 
      • This bike can carry a maximum weight of 159 kg. 
      • It is fitted with a Bangfang 750W high torque brushless motor and Shimano 7 speed gear helps you choose your speed while Tektro brakes keep yuo safe on the roads. 
      • Snow or beach riding is possible due to this bike’s fat tire design.
      • It works on a 48V 13Ah Li-ion battery, which is both durable and lightweight and can give you 64 km per charge. 

      If the aesthetics of your ebike are as important as its performance, this bike is a wonderful combination of both. Not to mention its other superlative features. It’s worth considering to buy, so why not equip yourself with the best?